Jeff Ricks

Libertarian for Oregon State Senate (District 25)

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Jeff was born and raised in Gresham. He joined the Air Force in 2006 and was stationed at Little Rock AFB, where he worked as a Project Manager and Contractor Liaison on multi-million dollar projects as part of the 314th Communications Squadron. He then went to Brooklyn College to study Computer Science and Philosophy. He returned to Gresham to launch Tournament Games, a retail traditional games business on Burnside. He is involved in his community as a member of the local Chamber of Commerce and a contributor to efforts to eradicate homelessness. Jeff is married to Heather Ricks, whom he met online. She is a writer.

Core values/beliefs:
  • Compassion for those who need help to help themselves.
  • Community involvement. Communities thrive when its members take an active role.
  • Government should not impede our rights to make whatever we want of our lives, even if we fail.
  • Personal accountability and responsibility
  • People are capable of doing much more than they realize; they just need to be encouraged to do so.

Jeff is running for Oregon State Senator representing District 25 (Gresham/Fairview/Wood Village/Troutdale). His experience living in both rural and urban communities around the nation informs his convictions about how to manage them effectively. Put simply, he believes we can do better for District 25.